Thanks for your interest in making a difference on the high school dropout issue. It will take all of us to solve this dropout crisis in America because the figures are staggering – every 26 seconds in America, someone drops out of school. But there are programs that are making a substantial difference in this issue across the nation. But they cannot do it alone – it takes the encouragement, support and resources of all of us to keep this work going in the right direction.

You can make a difference! It could be volunteering as a math tutor at your local high school, helping find individuals to attend fundraising events for local nonprofits engaged in this effort, or spreading the word on the dropout reduction work going on across the country. You could connect us to educators within your local community to expand this work into your local school district or connect us to a young person who dropped out that needs help jumpstarting their education. Perhaps your workplace may want to get involved to sponsor an event or drop in campaign, or even volunteer as a group.

It will take your creativity, time and resources to join us in order to solve America’s dropout crisis. Thanks again for your interest and please contact us to explore the ways that you might get further involved. Contact us now.