Friends & Relatives

As a friend or relative, you can make a big difference in the life of a student who has dropped out of school. In fact, returning dropouts report that it was a caring person in their life who was absolutely instrumental in helping them return to school.

We all need support, encouragement and guidance to reach our dreams. Just letting a student know that you care about them and their future and are willing to help can make a huge difference. One way to start is to sit down with the student and walk them through this website, clicking on the student puzzle piece, and accessing the information in the students tab. Be sure to let them know that you strongly believe that “They Can Do It!”

We can also help. Our trained counselors are ready to receive your call or email to help you assist the young person you care about explore school options and tackle any obstacles they have in returning to school. Together, we can help this young person get back on track with their education. Contact us now.