As Educators, Thank You for making a difference with our young people every single day. Your efforts are noble, but it is due time for the community to pitch in to aid you in your efforts. We believe that it takes the whole community working together in partnership to solve the dropout crisis in America.

Community organizations can bring resources and perspectives to this work that can greatly complement the work of educators. The way this partnership works best is when there is a strong champion for at-risk students and dropouts within the school district. By providing the internal vision, access to resources, and ability to overcome obstacles, these champions are essential to maintaining the district commitment to this dropout reduction collaboration over the years.

That’s where you come in. We would be excited to engage with you in moving this work forward by identifying and reaching out to champions within your schools and school district. We are ready to hear from you to strategize how we might significantly reduce the dropout numbers in your district. Contact us now.