About This Campaign

“Drop In Colorado” is a community-based multimedia campaign spearheaded by Zero Dropouts that is designed to reach youth who have dropped out or are at-risk of dropping out of school. The objectives of the campaign are to let students know that they have choices when going back to school and also to connect them to trained counselors to assist them in the process of returning to school.

Zero Dropouts

The Drop in Colorado Campaign was designed and created by Zero Dropouts. Zero Dropouts is a social enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to solving the dropout crisis in high school and higher education across America. Through innovative use of technology and social media, combined with creating programs based on national research and local data analysis, ZD is moving the needle on education completion. ZD works with school districts, community colleges, 4-year universities, cities, states, nonprofit organizations, corporations and foundations to develop programs in dropout intervention and recovery to help young people ages 16-24 fulfill their dreams. We are inspired by the potential of all young people to succeed in education and life. If you would like more information, contact us at (888) 968-9376 or visit http://www.zerodropouts.com.